Plant-based Artisan Natural Soap.Handcrafted with Organic and Premium quality Ethically-sourced ingredients that are safe for you and your Family, contribute to health and earth friendly.Cruelty-Free and Free of Toxins,Synthetics,Paraben,Phthalate,and safe for All skin types and needs.This Luxurious soaps make an excellent addition to your bath ritual and wonderful gift choice.

"Inspired by Nature and being kind to the earth"🍃
Buying handmade does offer many benefits and a different level of satisfaction. Great reason to choose Herbal and Plant-based soaps instead of Synthetically enhanced Commercial soaps.Natural soaps are the Best products in Skin care.Bathing with Natural Handcrafted soap can be a wonderful unique transformative and nourishing experience. All my soap is Handcrafted and Hand cut by me.Made of Natural Organically grown, Premium quality,Ethically-sourced ingredients that are safe for you and your family,contribute to health and earth friendly.
Soap is made on Plant-based oils and butters, and Free of animal-derived fats.All of my luxurious soaps are based on unique formulations, Cruelty-Free,and Free of Toxins,Parabens,Synthetics,Detergents,Phthalate,and safe for All skin types.Its a natural Vegetable-based skin loving soap that is moisturizing, cleansing,deodorizing,conditioning,soothing and calming. Created by the old fashioned way using Cold-process method.
Some soaps cure faster (depending on the formula), and some have to cure for 1 month or 2,to become nicely hard and long lasting. I use only Natural food grade and Herb-based ingredients: Botanicals,Clays,Salts,Herbal and plant powders and Brews,raw and dry herbs and herbal extracts,and other nutritious ingredients.
I choose to infuse my soaps with Herbal Brews and Tea for great benefits to the skin and extra herbal aroma.
I always had a passion for healthy life stile and fitness. Learned how to make good,clean choices,cook healthy food and carefully select ingredients for my own use.I am a beautician by profession and always like to use and recommend to my customers natural products and ingredients.I love herbs and everything that has to do with it.Growing up in the Eastern Europe used to pick herbs from the fields with my dad who knew much about it and was a local herbalist.I do a lot of research before I choose right combination of well balanced ingredients for my formula.I was always inspired by professional Soap Masters and the beauty they create.I have a deep passion for Artisan, (handmade) Natural soap making,which is much healthier than commercial way of making.The whole purpose of Handcrafted Natural soaps are amazing benefits to the skin and increased demand. My soaps are Handcrafted with ingredients that are Cruelty-Free and sustainably produced.Oils are infused with herbs,flowers and essential oils in 100% Oak mugs for better quality and aroma.It may take few weeks to get that special brew.I choose oils rich in essential fatty acids,Linoleic acid, vitamins and so on.Also I use aromatic Botanicals in my soaps inside and out.They are just perfect decoration and make a lovely finished touch.Most of Botanicals and herbs I grind my self by hand.Coloring and bubbly lather,smoothness and scent from Natural ingredients such as:herbs,spices,root oils and tree bark(sustainably harvested),natural Clays, plant extracts,Glycerin, natural powders,dry Botanicals,plant-based oils and essential oils.All bars are herbaceous and therapeutic in the way.All soap is made in small batches so its always freshly made,and you get the full benefits of aromatic Essential oils.For sensitive to it individuals I make soap "unscented" on request when one places an order. Gentle to the skin my soaps are great for All skin types and needs.I like some soaps to be warm,spicy,some more sweet,and some crispy fresh, invigorating and uplifting, and some with soft mild scent,almost unscented.I make soaps for my family and friends and now would like to bring it to you.Every bar is unique in color and shape,decor,and made with passion and love.My soaps will make an excellent addition to your everyday routine and a wonderful gift. Because of the nature of the soap I mostly make traditional paper or fabric packaging.All soap is made with great love and dedication,soap that is cleaner,healthier and much more beneficial to the skin and our planet overall 🍃🍃
🍃Treat your skin and your body will thank you 😊 🌿 Shelf life:is best when it used withing a year since purchase.The longer you keep the soap unused the more unscented it becomes but it still would be a good quality natural soap,and still would do the same cleansing job.I always include a listing of ingredients.If anyone have any allergies please review it with your physician prior to use or test the soap on small spot of the skin.If any irritation occurs stop using it.

"Better Soap for Better Skin".

Because all the soaps are based on natural ingredients Finished product may have some color differences.

All soap is Handcrafted by me Licensed Cosmetologist with 30 plus years of experience in beauty industry.

All products in my shop are not intended to cure,treat,diagnose or prevent any disease.

Handcrafted in USA Queens NY
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